Testing for COVID-19

Testing for COVID-19 has become a critical issue in the social and economic management of and recovery from this global pandemic. Testing is essential for protecting individuals, guiding them in how and when it is safe to engage with others and identifying when new infections are present even in the absence of symptoms so that action can be taken to reduce further transmission.

Proper Use of Masks

While prioritizing the availability of protective masks to healthcare workers, everyone should wear some form of mask or face covering when they are out in public to prevent the spread of droplets. This is especially important because presymptomatic or asymptomatic individuals can still infect others.


PHMC19 Intervention Model

How Reducing Workforce Exposure Can Ensure Business Continuity and Save Lives

Our expert panel shared results and actionable interventions from the dynamic PHMC19 INTERVENTION MODEL, which incorporates advanced infectious disease modeling, relevant scientific literature and large global databases to:

  • Predict the number of people who will become infected, seriously ill and deceased
  • Demonstrate how specific workplace interventions can save lives
  • Provide leaders with decision-grade population risk and intervention data to quickly and confidently take action to limit exposure and reduce infection, morbidity and mortality



  • Leslie D. Michelson, Chairman and CEO, Private Health Management
  • Dr. Christina M. Ramirez, PhD, Professor of Biostatistics, UCLA Fielding School of Public Health
  • Dr. Marc A. Suchard, MD, PhD, Professor of Biostatistics, UCLA Fielding School of Public Health and Professor of Biomathematics & Human Genetics, David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA
  • Kristi Savacool, Former CEO, Aon Hewitt, Former CIO, The Boeing Company, Commercial Airplanes, Board Member Ascension Health

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