COVID-19 De-Risking Solutions

Pandemic health risk management for companies, families and individuals

The COVID-19 pandemic presents multiple and dynamic challenges to business continuity, workforce and family health, workplace safety and stakeholder relationships. All signs point to a long and uneven road to recovery with no one-size-fits-all solution. This uncharted territory calls for comprehensive guidance from a trusted partner. Private Health Management offers a variety of COVID-19 customized health and business de-risking solutions.

COVID-19 Advisory

Guidance on how to reduce your company’s risk during the re-opening phase of the pandemic

Companies face complex decisions on when and how to re-open work locations safely. Given the ever-evolving pandemic landscape, having a team of experts at your side allows you to create re-start plans and protocols informed by data-driven insights. Our experts provide the latest guidance on a broad range of workforce and workplace health and safety issues, including:

  • Serial and Reactive Testing Programs

  • Vaccine Advisory

  • Rapid Response Program

  • Return to Workplace Health & Safety Assessment

  • Health Protocols and HR Policies

  • Health and Business Intelligence


Comprehensive Testing Advisory

A full range of services covering test strategy, selection, procurement and delivery

Since the early days of the pandemic, test availability, affordability and turnaround time have varied by location and been significantly impacted by infection flares. New test options are continually emerging but are often difficult to validate and obtain. Private Health offers a full range of COVID-19 solutions for companies and individuals.

  • Testing Strategy

  • Testing Education & Guidance

  • Test Sourcing for Individuals or Company Locations

  • Group or Individual Private Testing

  • Test Procurement Advisory



Rapid Antigen Testing at Home Solution

Reliable, convenient tests to help you return to your work safety, travel, and spend time with family and friends

Private Health Management offers reliable COVID-19 rapid antigen testing from the comfort of your home. This test reveals if a person is currently infected with the SARS-CoV-2 virus by detecting antigens, or viral proteins. Once the infection has gone, the antigen disappears. The test is a reliable, convenient and cost-effective way to help you return to office safely, travel, and spend time with friends and family.

Our Rapid Antigen Testing at Home Solution program is designed for both corporations, including customized distribution, education and support programs, and consumers, including everything you need to handle your testing needs from home.


RT-PCR Self-Sample Testing Service

Reliable access to rapid result, high quality self-administered tests with end-to-end support

Private Health’s self-sample testing service provides a convenient, reliable and guaranteed testing service to streamline baseline, serial or reactive testing with self-administered sample collection in the workplace or at home. Our team of experts continually validates the latest technologies to combine the highest quality tests from CLIA-certified laboratories with personalized clinical counseling from our team of experts.

  • Test Program Design

  • Gold Standard Test Kits

  • Processing in CLIA-Certified Laboratories

  • Guaranteed Expedited Results Delivery

  • Personalized Clinical Counseling and Guidance


Legal Trial Team Testing Solutions

Testing advisory and implementation services to protect the health and safety of your trial team

The COVID-19 pandemic presents unique challenges across the legal system, potentially jeopardizing the outcome of important trials. Trial participants may be hesitant to travel to locations with a higher transmission risk. Private Health offers a custom onsite COVID-19 testing program to increase trial team safety, mitigating the concerns of consultants, witnesses, attorneys and support staff. The Private Health services include:

  • Pre-Travel Preparation

  • Onsite Trial Team Testing

  • Testing Results Delivery

  • Positive Test Response Management



Film and TV Production De-Risking Services

Enable productions to protect health safety of production staff, cast and crew

As the Film and TV industry returns to production, we provide a comprehensive set of de-risking services to minimize COVID-19 exposure and transmission. Private Health specializes in testing, planning, procurement, onsite sampling and guaranteed results delivery including access to the latest rapid results technologies.

  • Compliance Review and Recommendations

  • Custom Production Risk Mitigation Planning

  • Testing Strategy Design and Implementation

  • On-Set Health Safety Department

  • Exposure & Infection Rapid Response

  • Cast and Crew Education and Compliance



Beyond COVID-19

For more than a decade, Private Health Management has helped our clients navigate the fragmented healthcare system to find the best care when it really matters. We’ve learned that complex health challenges require close coordination across a number of specialized physicians informed by the latest research and comprehensive clinical support. By taking a personalized client-centric approach, Private Health brings independence and deep clinical expertise that results in better care and better health outcomes. Our in-house medical research department is continually evaluating the latest findings to recommend protocols, physicians, treatments and clinical trials you can trust. We chart a course from diagnosis to treatment and serve as advocates at each step.

Private Health Management provides an independent, uniquely informed and integrated approach to solving complex health problems. Our team of PhD-led research scientists and highly skilled clinicians join forces with an extensive network of world class physicians to not only provide better care, but to consistently deliver better health outcomes for our valued clients.

beyond covid enterprise

Enterprise Health Solutions

  • Comprehensive Navigation Service providing highly personalized clinical support for your company’s employees to improve quality of care, minimize stress and reduce wasted spend. Includes access to our highly personalized Intensive Case Management service for complex conditions.
  • Global Healthcare Navigation to advise your employees and dependents on obtaining quality health care while traveling or living abroad
beyond covid personal

Personal Health Solutions

  • Intensive Case Management of serious medical conditions using our proprietary approach to case immersion, diagnosis confirmation, treatment planning and care navigation with access to the right specialist doctors and latest treatment options
  • Membership Program providing comprehensive prevention, diagnosis, treatment and emergency healthcare coordination, top-tier physician referrals, personalized health research, custom travel reports and medical records management